Some text is encoded in mixed case, others in all caps. By a strict reading, small-caps variant should not be used for upper case, whether in a word that otherwise uses small caps or in one that never does.


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In order to be Here's the CSS: p { font-family:  use the CSS property called font-variant with syntax and examples. The CSS font-variant property defines the variant of the font such as small-caps or normal. Feb 20, 2008 A common misconception—unfortunately reinforced by most word processing programs as well as by CSS on the web—is that a small cap is  Small caps is a variation of uppercase, where the lowercase letters look like uppercase letters, only in lowercase height. Capitalize: All words have the first letter in  Genuine small caps are not simply shrunken versions of the full caps. These are well-supported by font-variant-caps and font-variant-numeric CSS properties   Feb 2, 2013 Make lowercase letters uppercase; Set the font size to match lowercase letters. Davin Granroth's article, Small-caps, web text, and CSS, suggests  Apr 12, 2011 Here's a more specific example of the CSS . abbr, acronym { text-transform: lowercase; font-variant: small-caps; letter-spacing: 1px; }.

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Exempel 1 » · Exempel 2 » · Exempel 3 » · Exempel 4 » · Exempel 5 » · Exempel 6 » · Exempel 7 » · Exempel 8 ». font, [font-style] [font-variant] [font-weight] [font-size] [font-family]. font-style, normal | italic | oblique. font-variant, normal | small-caps. font-weight, normal | bold  #fontexempel { font: italic small-caps bolder 24pt Courier, serif; } 10px; text-transform: uppercase; white-space: inherit; text-shadow: yellow 5px, 5px, 5px;  font-variant kan vara normal eller small-caps.

This property allows to select alternate glyphs for small, petite capitals and titling including many useful values like: normal; small-caps; all-small-caps; petite-caps Reasons to use small caps.

Kommentarer i CSS-koden 75; Formatering av text med CSS 75; Teckensnitt 75; Teckenstorlek 81; Teckenstil 83; Teckentyngd 83; Kapitäler med small-caps 

font- weight  It may seem tricky at first, but once you figure it out, you'll never miss it. Don't be fooled! Using “real” small caps in CSS. If you use CSS's font-variant: small-caps  Many fonts have a corresponding small caps variant that includes uppercase versions of the letters proportionately reduced to small caps size.

Small Caps or Small Capitals are basically lowercase characters in Microsoft Word that resemble as uppercase letters. They are used to give importance to the text, but in a less dominant way than the all uppercase text.

Small caps css

Small caps can be specified in the web page presentation language CSS using font-variant: small-caps;. For example, the HTML < span style = "font-variant: small-caps;" > Jane Doe Except for handle (username).

Small caps css

Det är faktiskt ingen CSS som du måste skriva själv. 00:01:11.
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background-color: lightblue;. } p {. font-family: Georgia;. } /*. this selector select p tags.

Laura also demonstrates how to incorporate web fonts, style type with CSS, and pick fonts that work well together. (CSS står för Cascading Style Sheets.) Till exempel "Font: bold italic small-caps 12pt/200% Arial, Helvetica" växlar till fet, kursiv, kapitäler och  Add thumbnails to mobile home (maybe remove blog text and just have link to post) · Change footer text to caps, not small caps (causes symbols like @ to be  marticle · TeX: Add article template, 8 månader sedan. mletter · tex: mletter template: Fix small caps on body text, 8 månader sedan  Small Caps = Formatmall CSS =  Formattera font h 2 { font-style: italic; font-variant: small. Kantlinjer h 1 { border-width: 1 px; border-style: dashed.
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In typography, small capitals (usually abbreviated small caps) are uppercase (capital) characters set at the same height and weight as surrounding lowercase (small) letters or text figures. They are used in running text to prevent capitalized words from appearing too large on the page, and as a method of emphasis or distinctiveness for text alongside or instead of italics, or when boldface is

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